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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/21/11: The kids quiz the Captain

As I learned during a Q&A session between the kids on board and the Captain, seas typically do not exceed 3.5m on any given voyage, at least absent any major storms. The 5m seas continue, and now Heidi is seasick, unfortunately, her first time ever. As these waves hit the ship (as a quartering ‘headwind’ from the right), they bounce off and crash in various directions, the seaspray thrown into the air, very rapidly swept downwind. There are big birds swooping around, riding these waves up and down, disappearing and reappearing behind waves. I’ve not seen any of them dive into the ocean for food, so not sure what their deal is. It’s amazing that you can see birds more than 100 miles offshore.

Tonight’s Cultural Pre-Port Lecture concentrated on Cape Town, South Africa, our next destination. Michael Williams, on board to teach drama, is Director of the Cape Town Opera. He is an accomplished playwright and writer, and tonight gave us an introduction to his experiences as a white in South Africa, describing the transition away from apartheid. He wrote a critically-acclaimed opera chronicling the life of Nelson Mandela, soon to be performed in London (or was it Australia?). His wife, Ettie, gave us some great insights on where to go and what to eat, and it looks exciting. Their wonderful daughters Ellen Anne and Emma also gave a powerpoint presentation to the dependent children’s school group, telling them all the things to see and do, showing them pictures of their schools, home, etc.

Can’t wait to get there!

The kids with the Captain and Hotel Director, after their neverending Q&A session. Tate's question about the ship's stabilizers got a particular eyebrow-raise from them.

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