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Monday, September 19, 2011

9/19/11: One month in!

As of today, we have been away from home for one month, and the time seems to be flying. Although we are only two ports into the voyage, the travel schedule will become extremely accelerated once we reach India, as all the east-Asian locations are in close proximity to each other, at least relative to having to cross the Atlantic--and soon, Pacific--Oceans.

Reade studying in The Union, the large lecture hall where the students gather for Global Studies and pre-port lectures.

Today the sea changed as we started to leave the warm equatorial currents and enter the colder Benguela Current. The Benguela Current brings relatively cold water up the west coast of Africa from the vicinity of the Antarctic, and is greenish compared to the rest of the Atlantic that we’ve thus far experienced. Two days ago the temperature of the sea was 74 degrees farenheit; today it is 64 degrees. The winds are picking up out of the south, and the air temperature is also dropping.

Although I’ve not been complaining about it since I feel so much better, I still have remnants of the crud from hell that Reade gave me 3 weeks ago. Reade! Leaving behind the diarrheas of Morocco, Heidi now has to deal with the upper respiratory infection now making it’s way around the ship, presumably picked up by students while in Ghana. </cough>

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