Jeff Warner PHOTOGRAPHIC, Golden, Colorado, USA

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indian Gulch Wildfire Heli Ops

After spending the weekend up in the mountains for Reade's 12th Birthday ski party, we came home to find a wildfire burning the hillside adjacent to our subdivision. When I quit taking pics at about 6:30, the fireline was perhaps 3/4 mile away, and the winds shifted so the smoke was now in the air. A Bell 212 was working the fire from a pond a few hundred yards behind the subdivision; a few images are below. If want to see more helicopter images, you can find them in the Indian Gulch Wildfire Day 1 slideshow at

275 gallon Bambi Bucket, 2200 pounds of cool breeze.

Pilot sits on the left in this SuperHuey, a bit unusual for helicopters, but not so much for longlining.

Mt. Zion in the background.


  1. Jeff,

    Great photos and the angles are fantastic. I will use them with your permission on my Facebook thing. My wife and I are the owners of N911UH and Rampart Helicopter Services in Castle Rock, CO.

    Jeff Armstrong

  2. Hi Jeff, glad you enjoyed, and thanks so much for your role in getting the fire contained, and for helping to prevent Mtn. Ridge subdivision from becoming directly affected by the fire. Along those lines, I'd be more than happy to allow you to use some of the images on your Facebook page, I just ask that you please provide me credit (Jeff Warner Photographic). Please email me if you'd like further usage.

    Sincerely, Jeff


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