Jeff Warner PHOTOGRAPHIC, Golden, Colorado, USA

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Indian Gulch Wildfire, Day 4

Pretty quiet here on the east side of the fire, but about 2:00 they had the fire make a run at the SW corner of the fire area. They hit it with 3 different aircraft, and were able to slow it down by evening. The east side of the fire is all but out, including the hotspot near Golden Gate Canyon from last night (left glow in last night's images). Less and less to shoot, fortunately. Looks like we dodged a bullet with this fire, as long as they keep progressing with containment.

***Many thanks to all the fire, police, and emergency crews of all sorts who remain vigilant to protect all of us.***

Here's a few from today, likely my last post on the subject.

From the first set of switchbacks on Lookout at 1:50 pm.

Note how the burnt area from Sunday/Monday (top of hill) only looks slightly darker than the fresh fuel below. 

From Colorow Rd., note the Mtn. Ridge subdivision at right of image (greyish patch).

Hillside behind the helicopter was slurry-bombed (reddish patch, behind helicopter) earlier in the day to try to prevent the fire from running down to Hwy. 6 below, which is below this view.

Ah, tranquility up near Ralston Reservoir..., wait; except for the rather large helicopters flying over! This aircraft (Sikorsky S-61, I rode in one as a kid over the SF Bay) hovers over lakes and snorks water out at a very high rate.

I think that's all, folks!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.
    My brother lives in Golden. My spouse and I went hiking on the trails near his home and this all looks very familiar. I will be holding everyone in Golden in the light.

  2. You're most welcome, we're all very glad this is over, and glad the Franktown fire was another good outcome.


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