Jeff Warner PHOTOGRAPHIC, Golden, Colorado, USA

Thursday, December 30, 2010

1926 Gibson L-0 Acoustic Guitar

Some images of a vintage acoustic guitar, similar to one that delta bluesman Robert Johnson may have played (certainly was photographed with) prior to his untimely death at an early age. This is a set of more 'clinical' photographs detailing the depression-era craftsmanship of Gibson's relatively 'entry level' guitar.

The early L-0's amber brown finish on a flat spruce top, with maple sides.


  1. These are fine photographs of an iconic Gibson Flattop. Norman Blake also favours the L0 in fact he has a couple, a 12 fret and a 14 fret. I nearly bought a Bozeman signature Robert Johnson L0 recently but to be honest I am not sure I wanted a guitar with a signature on it.

    I ended up buying the Gibson LG2 3/4 Arlo Guthrie 3/4 size guitar which works really well with my incapacity, 4 strokes 25 years ago, and I am newly back to playing

  2. Glad you enjoyed the images, Kenneth. Good to hear you're getting back to playing!


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