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Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowshoeing Peru Creek

After an incredible day of knee- to thigh-deep powder at the Outback of Keystone, I decided to let Heidi take the boys skiing on Sunday, and I went snowshoeing. I headed up Montezuma Rd. to the well-used Peru Creek Trailhead, and headed out with camera, in search of snow. Unfortunately, there was so much snow that most of the smaller-scale snowforms were completely covered in feet of recent snow, leaving mostly the macro-scale stuff. Did about four miles round trip and a thousand feet of elevation gain, and took the Montezuma trail back toward the lot. Bailed off the trail above the lot, and the last 1/4-mile was a 20-minute bushwhack through thigh-deep powder; guess I needed my workout for the day. Anyway, here's a few...

Little Temple


Tree to Tree

Cool Shadows

Maid of New Orleans Mine

Apparent cross-bedding (almost resembles rill marks)


Chihuahua Gulch Talus

Snowform II

Toe of Chihuahua Gulch Talus Flow

The Fall Line

Evening Wind over Loveland Pass

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